Speed up World of Tanks with FPS Booster

FPS Booster allows you to quickly and easily increase FPS and reduce VAR in World of Tanks, using both game settings and safe overclocking of hardware.

FPS Booster application

How does FPS increase in World of Tanks?

FPS Booster optimizes the system, frees up memory, overclocks CPU and GPU, and tweaks temperature control.

FPS Booster FPS Booster

FPS Booster for World of Tanks is the best solution for increasing FPS for World of Tanks gaming. The program will increase FPS and World of Tanks will become smoother and more comfortable to get frags. The FPS booster for World of Tanks is updated weekly and is a program to increase game performance.

To run FPS Booster for World of Tanks, just download a secure file from the official website, install and run the program. After starting, if necessary, configure the game settings, or click the Boost button to optimize your PC and game settings and start the game automatically. It is necessary to run FPS Booster before each launch of the game.